Advanced Topics in K9 Nose Work

This class is designed for more experienced handlers and dogs. The class is geared towards tactics, strategies, and more advanced searches. Handlers will learn various search scenarios, conduct blind searches, and be reviewed for competition readiness.

Frequency & Duration: 1.5 hours per week for 6 weeks OR 3 hours per week for 3 weeks

Fee: $225 per dog (If your dog was adopted from a 501(c)3 rescue group or shelter, or has taken a class with the SF SPCA in the past year, the fee is $205)

Course prerequisites: Dogs appropriate for this class will have already attained or be trialing at the NW3 level. Exceptions may be made with pre-approval of the Instructor.  Dogs in this class must be capable of quietly handling confinement crated away from their handlers or in a properly equipped vehicle. 

Location: SF SPCA Mission Campus

Class capacity: 6 dogs

Instructor: Michele Garlick, CNWI


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